4G super fast WiFi in your caravan…

We can now install ans supply super diopter 4G cellular antennas.

Keeping it simple…. We provide the hardware so that you can use your sim card to provide high speed Internet. Ths means that you can subscribe at £20 per month for unlimited data.

Once installed you can stream TV, surf the Web and keep the kids happy !!

Give us a call. We will explain the process…


New Aerial system connected at the Residence in Lancaster

Well.. it has finally happened.

We have connected all of the residents of ‘The Residence’, which is an exclusive development by the PJ Livesey Group, to a new aerial system.

This system has over 150 properties connected to it and includes a fibre optic system that we have installed underground.

We have yet to ‘tidy’ things up, however we delivered on our promise to provide TV and satellite TV signals to everyone by Christmas