WiFi Services.

We are now an authorised Hikvision partner. We have passed all the exams etc.. We just didn’t tell anybody. CCTV system and security systems.

Unifi networks….. we are qualified as an enterprise systems manager. Basically…. wiFi smarty pants.

High speed, high density with coverage throughout your house or throughout your industrial units and offices.

If you are a landlord… we can share 1 internet connection to several of your properties. As an example… we have a client that has 6 houses. All rented out to students. We have connected them all together and he saves over £3600 per year.. in internet subscriptions alone.

We can do this for you.

We still can’t work out why 50 houses on a street have 50 subscriptions….? 1 house and share… everyone’s a winner….!!


Almost ready to change

With all of the new technology developments and with our ever expanding list of experience and qualifications, we are to change our trading name.

Future Telecoms will shortly be the new name for Aerial Aid.

Fibre optics systems, WiFi systems, Data system infrastructure, home entertainment systems and aerials etc… Security systems, VOIP and Broadband services.

For you at home and for local business.


We now offer Fibre Optic Networks, Fusion Splicing and Termination

Aerial Aid have now qualified and been trained in the design, installation, maintenance and service of high speed fibre optic networks.

Partnered with the UK’s largest Structured cabling systems manufacturer, Aerial Aid can now repair your broken Fibre Optic Network Cable.

We carry our Fusion splicing equipment and all our other test and fault finding equipment to site. We can be anywhere within the UK same day if possible.

We have OTDR meters, Loss testing equipment, All weather tents, Gas meters, Fusion splicing machines and a selection of multimode & single mode cables as well as various connectors.

Aerial Aid can design, plan, install and maintain up to 10GB connectivity throughout your site.

We really are looking for ward to proving our Fibre Optic skills to your company or business.

The future used to be Garlic bread… Not any more. Fibre optic all the way !!